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    By 2050 I think the transportation will be different, people will travel through the sky because of the population and traffic. We will have streets in the air which are floated and maybe we can even walk on them.

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    The 89th Academy Awards is going to be held at the end of February. The nominations haven't introduced yet and there are just some predictions about it. Iran has participated with Asghar Farhadi's the Salesman. I've seen this movie and I really like it, I think it will be one of the nominated films. It has been shortlisted already and it has won two of the most important prizes of the Cannes Film Festival; the best Acter and the best Screenplay. So I think it will be one of the nominations for the Oscar as well.

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    My friends are coming in my home Friday this week. They usually come in my home .they are coming in my home for to watching soccer game .My friends are two group. One groups are advocating Barcelona team and another groups are advocating Real Madrid team . we are watching thire games of course the name of games these two teams are famous to Elclasico when we are watching thire games show to we usually have discuss for win us team .of cours we are close friends.

    Muhammad ali Aliabedi  

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    It’s a sad story, as a matter of the fact, instead of that polar bear, I can see human race on a peace of ice in the middle of the hopelessness ocean, looking desperately to his future and finds no scape from it.
    According to the national climate assessment, human influences such as carbon pollutions, are the number one cause of global warming and the temperature will be increasing gradually and ultimately it will change the climate and it will be a catastrophe.
    Apparently by the end of this century human race will have destroyed whole thing that earth has gained during thousands years. Due to recent researches this global warming is one of the greatest threats to long term human survival. In addition some researchers have noted that the amount of polars’ ice is decreased dramatically and the planet is already suffering from impacts of global warming. As we can see in the picture ice is melting worldwide especially at the earth’s polars and inevitably we will face up with a melt down age which will affect all species. Frankly this disaster will lead us to a deep regret and these destructive changes look irreversible. Someday human will think about what we have done with our home and there will be no hope. Actually our future will depend on how each of us responds today to rising of temperature and what we would like to left behind.

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    Free high speed internet (15 G) is going to be available for every body and new versions of mobile can be inserted inside people's body (maybe hands) and they will be operated by voice.

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    In 2050 there will be no traffic because we will have flying cars. Compact foods will be available and people can carry the food needed for a month in their bag. 3D holograms will be widely used and we can video conference with our friends using our super-smart phones. and finally remote surgeries will be something common.

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    Hi there Farokh. Unfortunately, the chat rooms are currently disabled. Here's why.

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    Hi everyone i am new member  from florida.i was joining to the chat room but unfortunately i am not be able to find the room please help me out if anyone knows.thx

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    سلام، کلاس های بحث آزاد انگلیسی به صورت دو جلسه در هفته (ترمیک) برگزار می گردد. لطفاً جهت اطلاعات بیشتر از منوی اصلی گزینه ی کلاس های مجازی و سپس کلاس بحث آزاد را انتخاب بفرمایید.

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    با سلام و خسته نباشيد
    به علت مشکلات کاري قادر به شرکت در کلاس هاي حضوري نيستم و خودم انگليسي را دنبال مي‌کنم. گزينه کلاس مجازي خيلي براي من مفيد است. ميخواستم بدونم که شما کلاس هاي بحث آزاد انگليسي هم داريد؟ در صورتي که جواب بلي است لطفا در خصوص شرايط اين کلاس‌ها و شيوه برگزاري اون توضيح بدهيد.