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هنرپيشه‌، بازيگر (مونث‌)


She is one of the country's leading actresses.

او یکی از بازیگران پیشرو کشور است.

In 1940 he married actress Jane Wyman. 

در سال 1940 او با جین وایمن بازیگر ازدواج کرد.

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

actress /ˈæktrəs, ˈæktrɪs/ noun [countable]
a woman who performs in a play or film 

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

noun [C]

 UK   US   /ˈæk.trəs/

› a ​female ​actor:She's the highest-paid actress in ​Hollywood.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

ac·tress [actress actresses]   [ˈæktrəs] Click to play  [ˈæktrəs] Click to play noun

a woman who performs on the stage, on television or in films/movies, especially as a profession  Many women now prefer to be called actors, although when the context is not clear, an actor is usually understood to refer to a man. 



a) A female doer or "actor" (in a general sense).
My mental anguish, and the dreadful scenes in which I had been an actress, advanced the period of my labour.
b) A female actor on the stage or in films.
Court documents appear to show that Ian Edmondson, a senior News of the World journalist, had authorised Mr Mulcaire to hack phones belonging to Sienna Miller, an actress.