LanguageTies for Learners

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How helps English learners:


Placement Test:

You can check your level of English in 10 to 15 minutes. This test evaluates your vocabulary and grammar skills. Once the test is done, you can know about your English level according to the explanations given.  You don’t need to register or log in for taking the test.  

Language Learners’ Forums:

What is "خسته نباشید" in English?  What is “gerund”? How can I improve my listening skill? Hi friends. I’ve just started learning English.

You can ask any questions you might have about learning English in Learner’s Forums and the site’s teachers will help you with them.

The “FAQ” page provides the answers to lots of your questions.  Language learners’ Forums has an English and a Persian part which are completely separate. The Persian section is for those who, for whatever reason, like to ask their questions in Persian and get their responses in Persian too. And if you want to ask your questions in English, you can use the English section.

Members’ Chat Rooms:

Using the website’s chat software, you can chat with other learners or teachers publicly or in private. At specified times (announced on this page) the teachers and the support section of the site will be online, ready to help you. Our chat service is now available to anyone wishing to use it (even those who have not logged in). But we leave open the possibility of changing this policy in future.


How can I improve my listening skill?  What is IELTS? What is the difference between American English and British English? The articles in the site aim at providing a comprehensive response to the probable questions of dear learners both in English and Persian. We have now prepared about 25 articles in both languages and one article will be added to the site every two weeks. Click here to see the English and Persian articles.

Questions Bank:

Questions and, in general, tests are means of evaluating your level of English. You can check your English in terms of vocabulary, grammar, or language functions and through this, you can practice the topics you learn in the institute.

Proverb Collection:

Using proverbs in English both makes your speech more beautiful and helps the audience get what you mean better and more effectively. The proverb collection of now contains 130 proverbs with their meanings, examples, and Persian equivalents and also beautiful illustrations. You can search the proverbs based on your popular topics or a single word and use it in your speaking.

English Language School Profiles:

One of the most useful parts in this website is a comprehensive list of English Language Schools. The LanguageTies team has launched this section in English and Persian to help and guide language learners choose proper language schools. To start with we have put 200 institutes located in Tehran in this part and we will soon add institutes in other cities as well. We have tried so that the information in this bank be up-to-date; thus we called each and every one of these institutes checking their phone numbers, addresses and other issues and also made access to this part available to the authorities of the institutes so they can give you their latest information. This data bank will be completed by the officials of the English language schools all over the world. So once the language schools’ officials have registered in the site, they can create a page for their school and always update the information on the page.  For additional information please read the FAQ section of the site.

Translation Offices, Immigration Companies, Research Institutes . . .

Just like language schools, we aim at making a comprehensive database containing all search features for all legal entities in contact with English. As was explained in the weblog of the site, preparation of this database will end in December 2014 and individuals working in the above organizations can add the information about their companies or institutes to this database for free and make it available to language learners.

Universities and Majors

Due to their interest in English, many learners intend to major in English in such programs as Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, Translation Studies, English Language and Literature, Linguistics, etc.  The interested visitors can search through the site’s directory of English majors for further information about:

English language majors, all the related information about each major in every educational level, and the universities where these majors are taught (both inside and outside of Iran)