How can we live a less stressful life?


Morning guys,

As you know, this week's B1 theme is stress. indecision

Well, I hope you’ve had a stress-free week so far. smiley As our first task today we’re going to answer this question: How can we live a less stressful life? Please write your answers in not less than 50 words.

Hi teacher.
Well we can decrease the stress with planning.

I think we can decrease the stress with practice breathing techniques.

i 'm calmed by house work or yard work, and sometimes i I take a nature walk.

Hello everyone,

I think,listening to southing music can help relieve stress.

And doing some exercise is excellent for overcoming stress.

I also suggest you think about people and things you love.Just as thinking about someone that you're angry with can cause stress, focusing your attention on a photo of a loved one can reduce it.

We can live a less stressful life by doing what we love to do. Also having a healthy diet and enough sleep is important.

  • doing what you love: I love borrowing money from my friends all the time and u know it could be more enjoyable as I don't pay them back.
  • thinking about people/things you love: hmmm let me think, money! u know money talks. 
  • healthy eating: I have no idea about this part, I should share it with my soulmate, because she is the queen of kitchen!
  • sleeping well: nine-to-five sleep not a nine-to-five job!
  • listening to music: this prescription will not work for people who r stone deaf! I love listening to any kinds of music except the voice of my soulmate when she is nagging about something!
  • exercising: I love being couch potato or even mouse potato, sitting in front of TV, thinking about people/things I love and bending my fingers sometimes!
  • walking in nature: walking in nature? like walking in a desert? or arid desert? I prefer a barren one.
  • doing household jobs: I hate doing household or even chores, but I love making a list of chores and household jobs for my future better-half.

First we need to understand what is stress and what causes it. 

Stress is a form of pain or tension caused by physical or mental reason, for example lot of work to do in a short time, meeting target to sale product, bad news, sudden illness, exams, no money to pay bills etc. These type of conditions cause extra demand on body and brain which are not used to in normal day to day life of a person.

Ways to cope with stress, are already discussed by teacher in comment. Some extra points to live stressless life are to talk to someone about it, and not to over do a task or a job which you know you can not do. Same for mental stress in which case one has to take control of emotions and relationship by talking, exercising and relaxing more.


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