Introduce yourself and describe your likes and dislikes.

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Introduce yourself and describe your likes and dislikes.

Iam Hamed Safayi .Iam 20years old and Iam i pri university and Ilike to go to university. Ihave one sister she is in university in field genetik and she is 26 years old .my father is a farmer .Ihave one bicycle and Iike it and I ride it every day . Ilike swimming and tennis .

my name khadijeh maleki. I am clirk . I like mine because healthly and goog family, good job,beter of all ther I have one girl small.

im Sima Mardani. im 30years .i work for mtn irancell and i like travell becase i shuld go to another city for my job :)

Iam ZahraTarani.I'm master of industrial engeneering.I work in pishro company.that is subset of the hamrah aval (MCI).I like progress and successful in my job.i like to learn English because of my job need it and I like speak English well. I like get experience in my position in job control project , and I like it too much.

my name is Afsaneh Baharloo and I'm new to retiring. So I started to read English and I'm very glad to get to know your site.
thank you

I morteza ashouri, as a judge of law court do my best to learn something new daily, learning a new language per se is of great value particularly for those who wish not to fall behind the speedy pace of interconnected world. It is a daunting task to be able to speak legally, finding appropriate words for legal texts in my view i think is the one that a few people can do it.

hey there. Im niloofar

I was studying industrial ingineering at university of tehran 

But i drop out. Because i didnt like it.. So now im studing for medicine exam..every body told me you are wrong! And you are waisting your time but i beleive that in reality i save my time and my life, you know...

 I like every thing express calture and civilization of iran. For example costly music and song or calligraphy or ...

And my favorate stuffs is my notebook and my literatures book and some stuff like these

Hi there Niloofar. Glad to see you here smiley If you want medicine more, then you're doing the right thing. Just go for it! yes