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آدم‌ربايى‌ كردن‌، آدم‌ دزديدن‌


His daughter was abducted by a group of terrorists.

يك‌ دسته‌ تروريست‌ دختر او را دزديدند.

سطح، موضوع و برچسب

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abduct / æbˈdʌkt / verb [ T ]

to force someone to go somewhere with you, often using threats or violence:

The company director was abducted from his car by terrorists.


abductor / æbˈdʌk.tə r /   / -tɚ / noun [ C ]

She was tortured by her abductors.


abduction / æbˈdʌk.ʃ ə n / noun [ C or U ]

There has been a series of abductions of young children from schools in the area.

He was charged with abduction.

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ab·duc·tion [abduction abductions]   [æbˈdʌkʃn] [æbˈdʌkʃn] noun uncountable, countable

• child abduction 

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a) The act of abducing or abduct ing; a draw ing apart; a carry ing away.
the abduction of a child
b) The movement which separate s a limb or other part from the axis , or middle line, of the body.
The significance of such a step is that it is not morphologically triggered: it is a step of abduction, and what is required here is a meta-level process of reasoning.
Syn: kidnapping , retroduction
See Also: abduce

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