amusement park

amusement park
amusement park - شهربازی

پارک تفریحی ، پارک بزرگی با وسایل تفریحی بسیارزیاد.

معادل فارسی: 

­شهر بازی، پارك‌ تفريحى‌، فانفار


The famous amusement park built in the heart of Copenhagen.

بزرگ ترین پارک تفریحی در قلب گپنهانگ ساخته شد.

I will go to amusement park this afternoon with my friends

من امروز عصر با دوستانم به پارک تفریحی خواهم رفت.

سطح، موضوع و برچسب

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

amusement park

aˈmusement ˌpark noun [countable]
a large park with many special machines that you can ride on, such as roller coasters and merry-go-rounds

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

a ˈ musement ˌ park noun [ C ]

a funfair or theme park


funfair / ˈfʌn.feə r /   / -fer / noun [ C ] UK ( US a ˈ musement ˌ park )

a place of outside entertainment where there are machines for riding on and games that can be played for prizes


ˈ theme ˌ park noun [ C ] ( US also a ˈ musement ˌ park )

a large permanent area for public entertainment, with entertaining activities and big machines to ride on or play games on, restaurants, etc., all connected with a single subject

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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

amusement park

aˈmusement park [amusement park]  noun

a large park which has a lot of things that you can ride and play on and many different activities to enjoy 


amusement park

A commercially -operated collection of ride s, game s and other entertainment attraction s.
Syn: theme park