baggy - گل و گشاد
معادل فارسی: 

(لباس) شل و ول، کیسه ای، گل و گشاد

(شلوار) بَگی


My jeans went all baggy in the wash.

شلوار جینم توی شستشو حسابی گشاد شد.

سطح، موضوع و برچسب

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


baggy /ˈbæɡi/ adjective
baggy clothes are big and do not fit tightly on your body OPP tight:
She was wearing jeans and a baggy T-shirt.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

baggy / ˈbæɡ.i / adjective

(of clothes) hanging loosely because of being too big or having been stretched:

baggy trousers

My T-shirt went all baggy in the wash.

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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


baggy [baggy baggier baggiest]   [ˈbæɡi] [ˈbæɡi] adjective (bag·gier, bag·gi·est)(of clothes)

fitting loosely

• a baggy T-shirt 

Opp:  tight



1. adjective
Of clothing, very loose-fitting , so as to hang away from the body.
2. noun
A small plastic bag , as for sandwich es.
In an accompanying affidavit, Apazeller reported that Onstott "has entered the kitchen with a handful of cocaine and asked for a plastic baggy."

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سلام استاد کیانپور

فرق wich و in wich چیه؟

میتونید برام مثال بزنید؟

How cool!

This is the first time that I see this word. I mean "wich". What does mean "wich"?

Which and wich seem to be the same pronunciation, but are they completely different words? 

Hi dear Zahra,

I just know that in Persian "which" means «که» and "in which" means «که در آن».

Mr. Kianpour, please help us. 3 people have problem here. :)

- Which as you know means - a specific one from many ... choosing one from many ..

- Wich is an old english word meaning place or town or a mine like salt work - mine ..

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