bathtub - وان حمام

وان حمام، جایی در حمام که دارای محفظه ای جهت پرشدن آب و میتوان داخل آن رفت و بدن را شست.

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وان حمام



John filled the bathtub with hot water.

جان وان حمام را با آب گرم پرکرد.

I helped sara clean the bathtub.

من به سارا کمک کردم وان حمام را تمیز کند.


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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


bathtub /ˈbɑːθtʌb $ ˈbæθ-/ noun [countable]
especially American English a long large container that you fill with water and sit or lie in to wash yourself SYN bath British English


Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

bathtub /ˈbɑːθ.tʌb/ US /ˈbæθ-/
noun [C] (ALSO tub)
US FOR bath

bath /bɑːθ/ US /bæθ/
1 [C] UK (US bathtub) a long plastic, metal or ceramic container which is filled with water so that a person can sit or lie in it to wash their whole body

2 [C usually singular] the activity of washing yourself or someone else in a bath:
MAINLY UK Susannah has a long hot bath every evening.
MAINLY US I took a bath this morning.
bath oil

3 [C] US used to refer to a bathroom when describing a home:
a four-bedroom two-bath house

4 [C] UK a health treatment:
mud/thermal baths

5 [C] UK any container holding liquid:
a bird bath

bath UK /bɑːθ/ US /bæθ/
verb [I or T] (MAINLY US bathe) 
to wash in a bath or to wash someone in a bath:
OLD-FASHIONED She baths every morning.
I usually bath the kids in the evening.


Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


bath·tub [bathtub bathtubs]   [ˈbɑːθtʌb]    [bæθtʌb]  

(also informal tub) (both especially NAmE) (BrE also bath) noun a large, long container that you put water in and then get into to wash your whole body 




A large container for holding water in which a person may bathe (take a bath ).
Syn: bath


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