cookie - کلوچه

کلوچه، شیرینی، یک کیک کوچک تخت برای یک نفر که معمولاً تا برشته شدن پخته می شود.

معادل فارسی: 

کلوچه ، شیرینی 


We had tea and cookies at 3.30 p.m.

ما ساعت 3:30 عصر چای و کلوچه خوردیم.

My sister usually bakes cookies for her parties.

خواهرم معمولاً برای مهمانی هایش کلوچه درست میکند. 

سطح، موضوع و برچسب

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


cookie S3 W3 /ˈkʊki/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Dutch; Origin: koekje, from koek 'cake']
1. especially American English a small flat sweet cake SYN biscuit British English:
a glass of milk and a cookie
a chocolate chip cookie
2. tough/smart cookie informal someone who is clever and successful, and knows how to get what they want
3. that’s the way the cookie crumbles informal said when something bad has happened and you must accept things the way they are, even though you do not want to
4. technical information that a website leaves in your computer so that the website will recognize you when you use it again
5. American English old-fashioned an attractive young woman 

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


cookie (COMPUTING) /ˈkʊk.i/
a piece of information stored on your computer which contains information about all the Internet documents that you have looked at



cookie (TYPE OF PERSON) /ˈkʊk.i/
a person of the type mentioned:
She's a smart/tough cookie.



cookie (BISCUIT), cooky /ˈkʊk.i/
noun [C] MAINLY US
a sweet biscuit:
chocolate-chip cookies




biscuit (FLAT CAKE) UK /ˈbɪs.kɪt/
noun [C] (US cookie)
a small, flat cake that is dry and usually sweet:
chocolate/ginger biscuits
a packet of biscuits
We had tea and biscuits at 3.30 p.m.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


cookie [cookie cookies]   [ˈkʊki] [ˈkʊki] noun (pl. cookies)

1. (especially NAmE) a small flat sweet cake for one person, usually baked until crisp

• chocolate chip cookies 

• a cookie jar 

compare  biscuit, cracker 

see also  fortune cookie

2. smart/tough ~ (NAmE, informal) a smart/tough person

3. (computing) a computer file with information in it that is sent to the central server each time a particular person uses a network or the Internet

see that's the way the cookie crumbles at  way  n. 

Word Origin:

early 18th cent.: from Dutch koekje ‘little cake’, diminutive of koek. 


Email and the Internet


receive/get/open an email

write/send/answer/forward/delete an email

check/read/access your email

block/filter (out) junk/spam/unsolicited email

exchange email addresses

open/check your inbox

junk mail fills/floods/clogs your inbox

have/set up an email account

open/send/contain an attachment

sign up for/receive email alerts

Connecting to the Internet

use/access/log onto the Internet/the Web

go online/on the Internet

have a high-speed/dial-up/broadband/wireless (Internet) connection

access/connect to/locate the server

use/open/close/launch a/your web browser

browse/surf/search/scour the Internet/the Web

send/contain/spread/detect a (computer/email) virus

update your anti-virus software

install/use/configure a firewall

accept/enable/block/delete cookies

Using the Internet

visit/check a website/an Internet site/sb's blog

create/design/launch a website/social networking site

start/write/post/read a blog

update your blog/a website

be in/meet sb in/go into/enter an Internet chat room

download/upload music/software/a song/a podcast/a file/a copy of sth

share information/data/files

post a comment/message on a website/an online message board/a web forum/an internet chat room

stream video/audio/music/content over the Internet

join/participate in/visit/provide a (web-based/web/online/Internet/discussion) forum

generate/increase/monitor Internet traffic 

Example Bank:

• Girl Scouts went around the neighborhood selling cookies. 



a) A small flat, baked cake which is either crisp or soft but firm (often with chocolate chips, candies or nuts mixed in.)
b) A specifically American-style .

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