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US /ˈhændˌraɪ.t̬ɪŋ/ 
UK /ˈhændˌraɪ.tɪŋ/ 

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


handwriting /ˈhændˌraɪtɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]
the style of someone’s writing:
I recognised her handwriting on the envelope.
My handwriting has never been very neat.
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neat/clear Your handwriting is much neater than mine.
legible/illegible (=written clearly/not written clearly enough for you to read) He writes very quickly and his handwriting is almost illegible.
small/tiny Her handwriting was so tiny I couldn’t read it without my glasses.
bad/poor/terrible/awful Why do doctors have such terrible handwriting?
good/lovely/beautiful He wrote, in his lovely handwriting, a letter asking Ramsey to visit him.
sb’s best handwriting In his best handwriting, he wrote, 'Happy Father’s Day, Dad'.


have neat/small etc handwriting Yu Yin has tiny handwriting.
recognize sb’s handwriting Marcus didn’t recognize the handwriting on the envelope.
read sb’s handwriting I’m afraid I find it very difficult to read your handwriting.

handwriting + NOUN

a handwriting expert (=someone who studies people's handwriting ) A handwriting expert has confirmed that the letter was almost certainly written by Bateman.


in sb’s own handwriting Entry forms must be in the candidate’s own handwriting.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



hand·writ·ing   [ˈhændraɪtɪŋ]     noun uncountable

1. writing that is done with a pen or pencil, not printed or typed

2. a person's particular style of writing in this way
• I can't read his handwriting.
• neat handwriting
Idiom: handwriting on the wall  
Example Bank:
• Her handwriting was neat and legible.
• I didn't recognize the handwriting on the envelope.
• She copied out the lines in her best handwriting.

• Why do doctors have such terrible handwriting?

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


handwriting /ˈhændˌraɪ.tɪŋ/ US /-ţɪŋ/
noun [U]
1 writing with a pen or pencil:
We need to ensure that handwriting is properly taught in our primary schools.

2 the particular way in which someone forms letters with a pen or pencil:
His handwriting is illegible.

handwritten /ˌhændˈrɪt.ən/ US /-ˈrɪţ-/
written using your hand rather than printed by a machine




a) Writing done with the hand, rather than typed or word-processed.
b) The characteristic writing of a particular person
Syn: longhand
See Also: handwritten , handwrite , handwrit

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