snowy - برفی

برفی ، پوشیده از برف ، هوایی را گویند که در آن برف از آسمان ببارد.

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پوشیده از برف

سفید همچون برف


Children always like snowy weather.

بچه ها معمولاً هوای برفی را دوست دارند.

Sara loves to walks amoung snowy fields.

سارا عاشق راه رفتن در میان زمین های پوشیده از برف است.



سطح، موضوع و برچسب

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


snowy /ˈsnəʊi $ ˈsnoʊi/ adjective
1. with a lot of snow:
the snowy fields
one snowy January day
2. literary pure white, like snow:
snowy hair

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

snow (WEATHER) /snəʊ/ US /snoʊ/
1 [U] the small soft white bits of ice which sometimes fall from the sky when it is cold, or the white layer on the ground and other surfaces which it forms:
Outside the snow began to fall.
Let's go and play in the snow!
A blanket of snow lay on the ground.
Her hair was jet-black, her lips ruby-red and her skin as white as snow.

2 [C] a single fall of snow:
We haven't had many heavy snows this winter.

snow /snəʊ/ US /snoʊ/
verb [I] 
If it snows, snow falls from the sky:
It's snowing.
It's starting to snow.
It had snowed overnight and a thick white layer covered the ground.

snowy /ˈsnəʊ.i/ US /ˈsnoʊ-/
full of or like snow:
We've had a very snowy winter this year.
I remember him as an old man with a snowy-white (= pure white) beard.


Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


snowy [snowy snowier snowiest]   [ˈsnəʊi]    [ˈsnoʊi]  adjective (snow·ier, snowi·est)

1. usually before noun covered with snow

• snowy fields 

2. (of a period of time) when a lot of snow falls

• a snowy weekend 

• The weather in January is often cold and snowy. 

3. (literary) very white, like new snow

• snowy hair 

Example Bank:

• snowy fields/peaks 



a) Covered with snow .
snowy hills
b) Resembling snow.
a snowy beard
Syn: besnowed, snow-covered , (as) white as snow, snow-white

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