US /ˈsʌn.i/ 
UK /ˈsʌn.i/ 

Bright because of light from the sun

sunny - آفتابی
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It was a sunny day when we met for the first time.

اولین بار که همدیگر رو دیدیم یک روز آفتابی بود.

Oxford Essential Dictionary


 adjective (sunnier, sunniest)
bright and warm with light from the sun:
a sunny day
Tomorrow will be warm and sunny.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


sunny /ˈsʌni/ BrE AmE adjective
1. having a lot of light from the sun SYN bright:
a warm sunny day
a sunny morning
a nice sunny room
I hope it’s sunny tomorrow.
sunny periods/spells/intervals (=periods when it is sunny)
Tuesday will be dry with sunny spells.
2. informal happy and friendly:
a sunny smile
• • •
sunny if the weather is sunny, the sun is shining: When we arrived in Hong Kong, it was warm and sunny. | a lovely sunny afternoon
fine especially British English not raining, and with no clouds or only a few clouds in the sky: a period of fine weather | Next week will be fine but a little cooler.
nice (also lovely especially British English) spoken pleasantly warm and sunny: It’s a lovely day – why don’t we go for a walk? | If it’s nice, we’ll go to the beach.
bright if the weather is bright, the sun is shining and there is plenty of light: a bright sunny morning | It was bright earlier on in the day.
beautiful/glorious used when the weather is very good and there is a lot of sunshine: a glorious autumn day | The weather has been beautiful all week.
clear with no clouds or mist: It was a clear June morning. | a clear blue sky
cloudless especially literary with no clouds: The sun shone from a cloudless sky. | It was a beautiful cloudless morning.
dry with no rain: a period of dry weather | Tomorrow will be mostly dry.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


sunny [sunny sunnier sunniest]   [ˈsʌni]    [ˈsʌni]  adjective (sun·nier, sun·ni·est)
1. with a lot of bright light from the sun
a sunny day
sunny weather
The outlook for the weekend is hot and sunny.
a sunny garden

Italy was at its sunniest.

2. cheerful and happy
a sunny disposition  
Example Bank:
a brilliantly sunny day
a gloriously sunny morning
He had a sunny disposition and was always fun to be with.
She flashed him her sunniest smile.
The outlook for the weekend is warm and sunny.
These plants grow best in a sunny spot.

Throughout the week, the weather was fine and sunny.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

sunny / ˈsʌn.i / adjective (BRIGHT)

A2 bright because of light from the sun:

We're having the party in the garden, so I'm praying it'll be sunny.


sunny / ˈsʌn.i / adjective (HAPPY)

describes someone who is usually happy and relaxed and does not usually get worried or angry:

She has a very sunny disposition.

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Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


(sunnier, sunniest)

When it is sunny, the sun is shining brightly.
The weather was surprisingly warm and sunny...
There is a chance of sunny spells in the West.
= bright

Sunny places are brightly lit by the sun.
Most roses like a sunny position in a fairly fertile soil.

Someone who has a sunny disposition is usually cheerful and happy.
He was a nice lad–bright and with a sunny disposition...
The staff wear big sunny smiles.
= cheery

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 


sun·ny /ˈsʌni/ adj sun·ni·er; -est
1 : having plenty of bright sunlight
• a sunny room/day
sunny weather
• the sunniest parts of the country
• We found a sunny place/spot to have lunch.
• If it's sunny later, we can go to the park.
2 : cheerful and happy
• a sunny smile/disposition

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