اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی


بادخیز، پرباد، نوع آب و هوایی را گویند که در آن باد به مقدار زیاد می وزد.

معادل فارسی: 

پرباد ، طوفانی

بادخیز ، در معرض باد

پرحرف ، وراج



When they arrived the whether was windy.

زمانی که آنها رسیدند هوا طوفانی بود.

It's too windy to go out in the boat.

برای قایق سواری باد بسیار زیاد است.

After an hour of speech , we found that he is so windy.

بعد از یک ساعت سخنرانی فهمیدیم که او آدم وراجی است.


سطح، موضوع و برچسب

برچسب ها: 

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


windy S3 /ˈwɪndi/ (comparative windier, superlative windiest) adjective
1. if it is windy, there is a lot of wind:
It’s too windy for a picnic.
a cold, windy day
a windy hillside
2. windy talk is full of words that sound impressive but do not mean much:
politicians’ windy generalizations
• • •


windy if it is windy, there is a lot of wind: It's too windy for a picnic. | a windy day in October
blustery blustery weather is very windy, with sudden strong winds: a cold and blustery day
breezy if the weather is breezy, the wind blows fairly strongly: a sunny but breezy day in springtime
blowy informal windy: It's a bit blowy out there. | The day was grey and cold and blowy.
stormy if the weather is stormy, there are strong winds, heavy rain, and dark clouds: The sky was starting to look stormy. | a period of stormy weather
windswept a windswept place is often windy because there are not many trees or buildings to protect it: The beach was cold and windswept. | Thousands of the birds live on the windswept islands off the north coast of Scotland.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

wind (CURRENT OF AIR) /wɪnd/
noun [C or U]
a current of air moving approximately horizontally, especially one strong enough to be felt:
There isn't enough wind to fly a kite.
The weather forecast warned of winds of up to 60-miles-an-hour today.
There was a light wind blowing.
Strong/High winds made the crossing very unpleasant.
The sails flapped in the wind.
LITERARY There wasn't a breath of (= even a slight amount of) wind.
A gust of wind suddenly caught her skirt.
The wind is beginning to pick up (= get stronger).
She ran like the wind (= very fast) to catch up.

windless /ˈwɪnd.ləs/
adjective LITERARY
without wind:
a windless day

windy /ˈwɪn.di/
with a lot of wind:
It was a windy night.
It was wet and windy for most of the week.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


windy [windy windier windiest]   [ˈwɪndi]    [ˈwɪndi]  adjective (wind·ier, windi·est)

1. (of weather, etc.) with a lot of wind

• a windy day 

• It's too windy to go out in the boat. 

Opp:  windless

2. (of a place) getting a lot of wind

• windy hills 

3. (informal, disapproving) (of speech) involving speaking for longer than necessary and in a way that is complicated and not clear 

Word Origin:

Old English windig (see wind1, -y). 

Example Bank:

• It's getting very windy. 

• a wet and windy day 



   1. adjective
a) Accompanied by wind .
It was a long and windy night.
b) Unsheltered and open to the wind.
They made love in a windy bus shelter.
2. noun

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