معادل فارسی: 
  1. (هوا) سرد
  2. (شخص) سرد، خشک، غیر دوستانه
  3. (لبخند) بی روح، مرده، یخ زده

1. I felt a bit chilly so I put on a jacket.

کمی احساس سرما کردم و یک کت پوشیدم.

2. I went to see the boss but got a rather chilly reception.

رفتم که رئیس را ببینم اما با استقبال سردی روبرو شدم.


سطح، موضوع و برچسب

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


chilly /ˈtʃɪli/ adjective
1. chilly weather or places are cold enough to make you feel uncomfortable
chilly day/night/evening etc
a chilly November morning
chilly wind/breeze/air etc
Getting chilly, isn’t it?
The bathroom’s a bit chilly.
2. if you feel chilly, you feel uncomfortably cold
3. unfriendly SYN frosty:
The speech met with a chilly reception.
—chilliness noun [singular, uncountable]



cold used especially when you feel uncomfortable: It gets very cold here in the winter.
cool a little cold, often in a way that feels comfortable: It’s very hot in the day, but cooler at night. | a nice cool breeze
chilly a little cold, but not very cold, in a way that feels rather uncomfortable: a chilly autumn day | It’s a bit chilly.
freezing (cold) spoken very cold and very uncomfortable: It’s freezing outside.
bitterly cold very cold and very uncomfortable: It can be bitterly cold in the mountains.
icy (cold) very cold, especially when the temperature is below zero: The wind was icy cold.
crisp cold, dry, and clear, in a way that seems pleasant: I love these crisp autumn mornings.
frosty in frosty weather, the ground is covered in a frozen white powder: It was a bright frosty morning.
arctic extremely cold and unpleasant, with snow and ice: He would not survive for long in the arctic conditions. | arctic weather

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

chilly / ˈtʃɪl.i / adjective ( literary chill ) (COLD)

C1 (of weather, conditions in a room, or parts of the body) cold:

The bathroom gets chilly in the winter.

I felt a bit chilly so I put on a jacket.

a chilly October day

chilly / ˈtʃɪl.i / adjective (UNFRIENDLY)


I went to see the sales manager but got a rather chilly reception.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


chilly [chilly chillier chilliest]   [ˈtʃɪli]    [ˈtʃɪli]  adjective (chill·ier, chilli·est)
1. (especially of the weather or a place, but also of people) too cold to be comfortable
• It's chilly today.

• I was feeling chilly.

2. not friendly
• The visitors got a chilly reception.
Derived Word: chilliness  
cool • freezing • chilly • lukewarm • tepid
These words all describe sb/sth that has a low temperature.
cold • having a temperature that is lower than usual or lower than the human body; (of food or drink) not heated; cooled after being cooked: I'm cold. Turn the heating up. ◊ Outside it was bitterly cold. ◊ a cold wind ◊ hot and cold water ◊ It's cold chicken for lunch.
cool • (often approving) fairly cold, especially in a pleasant way: a long cool drink ◊ We found a cool place to sit.
freezing • extremely cold; having a temperature below 0° Celsius: It's absolutely freezing outside. ◊ I'm freezing!
chilly • (rather informal) too cold to be comfortable: Bring a coat. It might turn chilly later.
lukewarm • (often disapproving) slightly warm, sometimes in an unpleasant way: Her coffee was now lukewarm.
tepid • (often disapproving) slightly warm, sometimes in an unpleasant way: a jug of tepid water
lukewarm or tepid?
There is really no difference in meaning or use between these words.
to feel/get cold/cool/chilly
cold/cool/freezing/chilly air/weather
a cold/cool/freezing/chilly wind
cold/cool/freezing/lukewarm/tepid water
a cold/cool/lukewarm/tepid shower/bath
cold/lukewarm/tepid tea/coffee/food
a cold/cool drink
It's cold/chilly/freezing outside. 
Example Bank:
• She was beginning to feel chilly.
• We were starting to get a bit chilly.
• "I'm sorry," said her sister in a chilly voice.
• Bring a coat. It might turn chilly later.
• She was made to wait in the chilly corridor.
• The room was uncomfortably chilly.

• They met with a chilly reception from my mother.



a) Cold enough to cause shiver ing; or suddenly feeling cold
Im getting rather chilly over here - could you shut the window please?
b) Unfriendly or distant and cool
She gave me a chilly look when I suggested it
See Also: chill , chillily , chilliness

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