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تنها ، غریب ، ناراحت به خاطر اینکه دوست و همدمی برای صحبت کردن ندارد. 

معادل فارسی: 

غریب ، تنها 

منفرد ،مجزا



Reza lives alone and often feels lonely. 

رضا تنها زندگی میکند و اغلب احساس تنهایی میکند.

His house was located at a lonely road.


خانه اش در یک جاده ی متروکه واقع شده بود .




سطح، موضوع و برچسب

برچسب ها: 

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


lonely S3 /ˈləʊnli $ ˈloʊn-/ adjective (comparative lonelier, superlative loneliest)
1. unhappy because you are alone or do not have anyone to talk to SYN lonesome American English:
a lonely old man
Don’t you get lonely being on your own all day?
► Do not use lonely to mean ‘without anyone else’. Use alone: She is afraid to travel alone (NOT travel lonely).
2. a lonely experience or situation makes you unhappy because you are alone or do not have anyone to talk to:
a lonely journey
lonely life/existence
He led a lonely life with few friends.
3. the lonely [plural] people who are lonely
4. a lonely place is a long way from where people live and very few people go there SYN lonesome American English, remote, desolate
lonely place/road/spot etc
—loneliness noun [uncountable]
• • •


lonely (also lonesome American English) unhappy because you are alone or do not have any friends: Tammy felt very lonely when she first arrived in New York. | Our neighbor George is a very lonely man. | I get so lonesome here with no one to talk to.
isolated lonely because your situation makes it difficult for you to meet people: People caring for sick relatives often feel very isolated. | Children of very rich parents can grow up isolated from the rest of society.
alienated feeling that you do not belong in a particular place or group: She felt very alienated as the only woman in the company. | In high school she felt somehow different and alienated from other students.
homesick unhappy because you are a long way from your home and the people who live there: When I first went to Germany, I was very homesick.
miss somebody used when saying that you feel unhappy because someone is not there with you: I miss you. | She misses her friends.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

lonely /ˈləʊn.li/ US /ˈloʊn-/
1 unhappy because you are not with other people:
She gets lonely now that all the kids have left home.
the lonely life of a farmer

2 A lonely place is a long way from where people live:
a lonely stretch of Arizona highway

loneliness /ˈləʊn.lɪ.nəs/ US /ˈloʊn-/
noun [U]
the state of being lonely

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


lone·ly [lonely lonelier loneliest]   [ˈləʊnli]    [ˈloʊnli]  adjective (lone·lier, lone·li·est)

1. unhappy because you have no friends or people to talk to

• She lives alone and often feels lonely. 

• As I didn't speak the language I grew lonelier and lonelier. 

2. (of a situation or period of time) sad and spent alone

• all those lonely nights at home watching TV 

3. only before noun (of places) where only a few people ever come or visit

Syn:  isolated

• a lonely beach 

Derived Word: loneliness 

Word Origin:

late 16th cent.: from lone  + -ly. 


lonely adj.


• She lives alone and often feels lonely. 

alone • • isolated • • desolate • |written forlorn • 

feel lonely/alone/isolated/desolate/forlorn

Lonely or alone? Alone is slightly more informal than lonely and cannot be used before a noun. 

2. usually before noun

• He thought of those lonely nights watching TV. 

solitary • • alone • • by yourself • • on your own • 

a lonely/solitary existence/life/walk 

Which Word?:

alone / lonely / lone

Alone, and on your own /by yourself (which are less formal and are the normal phrases used in spoken English), describe a person or thing that is separate from others. They do not mean that the person is unhappy: ▪ I like being alone in the house. ◊ ▪ I’m going to London by myself next week. ◊ ▪ I want to finish this on my own ▪ (= without anyone’s help) ▪. 

Lone/solitary/single mean that there is only one person or thing there; lone and solitary may sometimes suggest that the speaker thinks the person involved is lonely: ▪ a lone jogger in the park ◊ ▪ long, solitary walks 

Lonely (NAmE also lonesome) means that you are alone and sad: ▪ a lonely child ◊ ▪ Sam was very lonely when he first moved to New York. It can also describe places or activities that make you feel lonely: ▪ a lonely house 

Example Bank:

• It gets pretty lonely here in winter. 

• She felt oddly lonely without her books. 

• She was desperately lonely at school. 

• As I didn't speak the language I grew lonelier and lonelier. 

• He thought back to all those lonely nights at home watching TV. 

• The support they give to lonely old people is invaluable. 

• There are times when I feel very lonely. 



a) Of person, unhappy by feeling s of loneliness .
b) Of place, unfrequented by people ; desolate .
Syn: lonesome , desolate , desert , empty , unpeopled , unpopulated , solitary , alone , unaccompanied
See Also: lone

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